Monday, March 3, 2014

Exploring/ Finding the Problem (PS3 CONTROLLER)

So I dont really use my Playstation, its been a while since i last picked it up and one huge reason for that is because my controller was incredibly messed up. I would press 'x' to jump and it would crouch instead. 
So one day i decide to learn about the mechanics of this system enable to fix my controller.

This is an exploded view of the Playstation controller. as you can see there are different layers to deal with. one that holds everything together, another is the control board/ motherboard where all data travels. Ill show you my own controller.
Partial front inside view
to your left. the white rubber pads on the bottom are 
to hold the buttons inside the slots but yet allow for the buttons to be pushed.
I later find out that the green plastic sheet (which is the KEYPAD CONTACT) was actually loose and needed to be attached to the adapter which connects to the control board

To youre right a partial rear view of the controller.
that is where the control board is containing the chip
and holding together the rest of the layers.

This is a picture of all the pieces taken apart. in the bottom is the batter.

I cleaned out all the pieces of its dust with a Q-Tip and i attached the KEYPAD CONTACT with tape so that it'll hold on to the board. All the buttons now work to its according function.

" Your life is full of wonders which you will never understand unless you open them up and discover the reality within that wonder" 
                                                                                             - Michael Sheer